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Distributed Learning and Inference with Compressed Images

Authors: Sudeep Katakol, Basem Elbarashy, Luis Herranz, Joost van de Weijer, Antonio M. Lopez Publication name: IEEE Transactions on... Read More
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DANICE: Domain adaptation without forgetting in neural image compression

Authors: Sudeep Katakol, Luis Herranz, Fei Yang, Marta Mrak Publication name: CLIC Workshop at CVPR 2021 Link to the... Read More
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Slimmable compressive autoencoders for practical neural image compression

Authors: Fei Yang, Luis Herranz, Yongmei Cheng, Mikhail G. Mozerov Publication name: CVPR 2021 Link to the article Abstract:... Read More
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Does our social life influence our nutritional behaviour? Understanding nutritional habits from egocentric photo-streams

Authors: Andreea Glavan, Alina Matei, Petia Radeva, Estefanía Talavera Publication name: Expert Systems with Applications Link to the article... Read More
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How2Sign: A Large-scale Multimodal Dataset for Continuous American Sign Language

Authors: Amanda Duarte; Shruti Palaskar; Lucas Ventura; Deepti Ghadiyaram; Kenneth DeHaan; Florian Metze; Jordi Torres; Xavier Giro-i-Nieto Publication name:... Read More
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Recognizing Emotions evoked by Movies using Multitask Learning

Authors: Hassan Hayat; Carles Ventura; Agata Lapedriza Publication name: Affective Computing & Intelligent Interaction (ACII) 2021 Link to the... Read More
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Explainable, automated urban interventions to improve pedestrian and vehicle safety

Authors: Cristina Bustos; Daniel Rhoads; Albert Solé-Ribalta; David Masip; Alex Arenas; Agata Lapedriza; Javier Borge-Holthoefer Publication name: Transportation Research... Read More
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Predicting Driver Self-Reported Stress by Analyzing the Road Scene

Authors: Cristina Bustos; Neska Elhaouij; Albert Solé-Ribalta; Javier Borge-Holthoefer; Agata Lapedriza; Rosalind Picard Publication name: 9th International Conference on... Read More
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TransferI2I: Transfer Learning for Image-to-Image Translation from Small Datasets

Authors: Yaxing Wang; Hector Laria; Joost van de Weijer; Laura Lopez-Fuentes; Bogdan Raducanu Publication name: ICCV 2021 Link to... Read More
Master thesis

SynchroSem: Loosely coupled multi-modal semantic mapping for synchronized Lidar-Visual-Inertial Systems

Author: Eloi Bové Canals Virtual Room: Date & time: 22/09/2021 – 8:45 h Session name: Multimodal Company name: Scaled Robotics... Read More